March 03, 2021

What can we do with the Socks? ........ Snake it is!

There are so many socks left, some even not really wear once.  Kids are growing up, they said 'The socks are too childish, I am not going to wear it.' 

What should we do with all these socks?????

The idea coming out.........Sock Snake!!!!

Kids Love Sock Snake

You only need to trim the bottom part out, then machine sew or hand sew the socks together, put the cotton inside. That's it!  You can even let the kids arrange the sock order.

Only one advise after I made the first one (I made two),  it is way much easier to put the cotton inside after you sew three socks together compared with sewing all socks then put cotton inside.

Have fun with your socks!

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