March 04, 2021

Xmas Gifts - Chinese Knots Decorative Ideas 中國結活學活用

Because of Covid-19 hit, we are suggested to stay home and reduce the gatherings. No more parties, I totally understand, however, Christmas is a big festival for everyone, I still want to do the Christmas presents even only drop off at the doorstep.  So I decided to handmade different gifts for my friends instead of shopping around.

One of my ideas is 'Chinese Knots', first because I have materials, second I remembered that my mom taught me to make the bracelet using the Chinese knotting skills when I was young, third with my unique design, that means it can't buy it from any store. That's also the reason I LIKE handmade.

Why the design is unique? Is it difficult for you to make your design?  The answer is: You can have your own creative design after you learn the basic knots.  The design is about the combination of different basic knots, so everyone can have their very own design.

Chinese Knots -It's originated from China and there is a long history in using knots for decoration on clothing or decorative items hanging down from the ceiling or on a wall.

It's also a symbol of Traditional Chinese Culture.  You can using the knotting decoration to make jewelry-necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to make keychains or any creative ideas that you can think of.  Chinese knotting can be as simple as 10 years old kid can make it or as complicated as you have to take few hours to finish the knotting.

My design is: instead of making keychains or bracelets, I make a bookmark with the Chinese Knotting because my friends love reading, hoping it can be useful for them.  Now, let's have a look.


That's really cool! Right?

These are the materials I use: 2.5mm Chinese Knotting Cord, 2.5mm Hair Elastic Cord and Spring Coil End.  You can see from the photo that I use the 'spring coil end' to connect the knots and elastic cord.
Now I am going to explain more details in each of my design.


The design from the photo above is:
1) It starts with button knot.
2) Then makes a 'horizontal' double connection knot. This knot should be close to the ice flower knot I am going to make.
3) Here comes the main design, it is ice flower knot.  I make two ice flower knots, the loops in the first knot is bigger than the one in the second knots and I twisted over the loops, make it looks like a butterfly. These also explains everyone can add some variations in your own design to make it unique.
4) Make another double connection knot, but not horizontal, you can see the difference from the photo above.
5) Make two double coin knots by using one cord each in left and right side, and loops it together.
6) Tie a double connection knot as the ending of my design.  I choose double connection knot as the ending instead of button knot, because I want it to look balance with the double coin knot.

Dragonfly Knot Round Brocade Knot

The is the second design I created:
1) It starts with Double Connection Knot and Cloverleaf Knot.
2) Then I only make 'half' of Longevity Knot by ending with horizontal Double Connection Knot.
3) Here comes the Round Brocade Knot with eight loops.
4) Ending with horizontal Double Connection Knot and Button Knot (six loops).

Chinese Knotting

The is the third design I created:
1) It starts with Button Knot and Cloverleaf Knot.
2) It comes with Pang Chang Knot, I add some variation in it, I pull the first loop to go through the third loop and tighten the third loop, make it looks like a butterfly.  Do the same on both sides.
3) Ending with two Double Connection Knots.

Hope it can gives you some inspiration on Chinese Knotting.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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