October 26, 2022

Cultural Teachings - Chinese Knotting Pan Chang Knot 中國結活學活用

I am going to do the Cultural Teaching at Summer Bash YQR, and this workshop is 1 hour and I need to teach the participants how to do the Chinese Knotting. 

When we do the Chinese Knotting, we always work on the working board and sewing pins.  Working board can be form board or cork board.  This time, with 1 hour teaching, I use cardboard and tape instead.

I am going to teach: Pan Chang Knot / Mystic Knot / Endless Knot.

Pan Chang Knot is one of the most recognizable and symbolizes the cycle of life, meaning a smooth,long, happy life and is widely popular during the Chinese New Year.

Cultural Teachings - Chinese Knotting Pan Chang Knot 中國結活學活用

My design is simple because it is for teaching purpose:
Double Connection Knot
Pan Chang Knot
Double Connection Knot
Wooden bean
Double Connection Knot x2
Wooden bean in each cord
Figure-Eight Knot with multiple loops

Here comes the steps:

September 08, 2022

Yummy Yummy Kitchen - Oven Baked Caplin 烤焗多春魚

Oven Baked Caplin....... looks like difficult to make, but actually with the conventional oven, its EASY!

Let's go through the steps:

1) seasoning with salt and white pepper

2) place the caplin on the baking rack

3) 350F bake for 30 minutes

4) high-temp grill for 5 minutes, flip over, then bake for another 5 minutes

It's DONE! 

March 24, 2022

Papercraft Dollhouse

 There are website that has free printable 'papercraft dollhouse template'. I used their templates and made the following dollhouses.

August 29, 2021

Disney Pop Town

Recently I addict to the game 'Disney Pop Town', it's a game that required restore Disney Musical Towns by solving match-3 puzzles, earn exciting rewards, collect costumes and so much more ........ 

Besides, the characters are so cute! Let's have a quick look on the YouTube video I make.

Bathbomb Making

There is a time, everyone is talking about bath bomb making or you can see every beauty stores has bath bomb items selling, different colors, size, some even has scent in it. A lot of choosing from, and even more, you can purchase a kit and make it yourself, you can add your personal favourites in it while you are making it.

Last Xmas, I saw there was a whole set of DIY kit on sale and everything comes with the kit. After my kids and I finished making all, I keep the instruction and molds, thinking may be we will make it in the future.

June 23, 2021

STEAM Project Newton's Marble Cradle

Because of COVID-19, I am being temporary laid off and my kids are out of children for a certain period of time. We have to do some home schooling.  Besides thinking about academic learning, I still need to think about something else to teach them, including art, physical activities, science experiment, etc.

One of the science activities we did is Newton's Cradle, my kids called Marble Cradle. We were going to experience the scientific theory of force and transformation of energy.

STEAM Project Newton's Cradle

Truth to tell, it's a bit difficult than I expected. 

June 21, 2021

Baby Bunny and Ducklings in our yard!

 It's so cute! 

One morning, when we went out for a walk after breakfast, we found this baby bunny in our yard....

Baby Bunny and Ducklings in our yard

June 18, 2021

10 minutes: DIY Eye Mask

Can't having a good sleep?

Too much noise? Lights are too bright?  Whatever the reasons are, try this 'eye mask', it may help you to get a good sleep and good dream. 

Even kids can make it as well, as a present in Mother's Day, Father's Day or anytime you want to handmade a present for you friends or your family.  Grab a piece of fabric, felt, elastic band as well as needle and thread (hand-sew).  That's all you need!

Can't Sleep Try This DIY Eye Mask

May 17, 2021

Giant Bubble Play I Love You!

Summer Summer Summer We Love You!

Bubble Bubble Bubble We Love You!

Giant Bubble Here We Are!

Not a poem or rhyme, just want to share How we love to play bubble, especially Giant Bubble!

The recipe of my very own bubble is really simple and I only use two ingredients: 
1) Bubble: regular one that buy from the store
2) Corn Syrup: you can buy it from supermarket or Walmart.

Please check out my youtube video that explains how to mix these two ingredients, and it also shows that my bubble recipe can really stay on the grass.

Have Fun!