August 29, 2021

Disney Pop Town

Recently I addict to the game 'Disney Pop Town', it's a game that required restore Disney Musical Towns by solving match-3 puzzles, earn exciting rewards, collect costumes and so much more ........ 

Besides, the characters are so cute! Let's have a quick look on the YouTube video I make.

Bathbomb Making

There is a time, everyone is talking about bath bomb making or you can see every beauty stores has bath bomb items selling, different colors, size, some even has scent in it. A lot of choosing from, and even more, you can purchase a kit and make it yourself, you can add your personal favourites in it while you are making it.

Last Xmas, I saw there was a whole set of DIY kit on sale and everything comes with the kit. After my kids and I finished making all, I keep the instruction and molds, thinking may be we will make it in the future.

June 23, 2021

STEAM Project Newton's Marble Cradle

Because of COVID-19, I am being temporary laid off and my kids are out of children for a certain period of time. We have to do some home schooling.  Besides thinking about academic learning, I still need to think about something else to teach them, including art, physical activities, science experiment, etc.

One of the science activities we did is Newton's Cradle, my kids called Marble Cradle. We were going to experience the scientific theory of force and transformation of energy.

STEAM Project Newton's Cradle

Truth to tell, it's a bit difficult than I expected. 

June 21, 2021

Baby Bunny and Ducklings in our yard!

 It's so cute! 

One morning, when we went out for a walk after breakfast, we found this baby bunny in our yard....

Baby Bunny and Ducklings in our yard

June 18, 2021

10 minutes: DIY Eye Mask

Can't having a good sleep?

Too much noise? Lights are too bright?  Whatever the reasons are, try this 'eye mask', it may help you to get a good sleep and good dream. 

Even kids can make it as well, as a present in Mother's Day, Father's Day or anytime you want to handmade a present for you friends or your family.  Grab a piece of fabric, felt, elastic band as well as needle and thread (hand-sew).  That's all you need!

Can't Sleep Try This DIY Eye Mask

May 17, 2021

Giant Bubble Play I Love You!

Summer Summer Summer We Love You!

Bubble Bubble Bubble We Love You!

Giant Bubble Here We Are!

Not a poem or rhyme, just want to share How we love to play bubble, especially Giant Bubble!

The recipe of my very own bubble is really simple and I only use two ingredients: 
1) Bubble: regular one that buy from the store
2) Corn Syrup: you can buy it from supermarket or Walmart.

Please check out my youtube video that explains how to mix these two ingredients, and it also shows that my bubble recipe can really stay on the grass.

Have Fun!

March 04, 2021

Xmas Gifts - Chinese Knots Decorative Ideas 中國結活學活用

Because of Covid-19 hit, we are suggested to stay home and reduce the gatherings. No more parties, I totally understand, however, Christmas is a big festival for everyone, I still want to do the Christmas presents even only drop off at the doorstep.  So I decided to handmade different gifts for my friends instead of shopping around.

One of my ideas is 'Chinese Knots', first because I have materials, second I remembered that my mom taught me to make the bracelet using the Chinese knotting skills when I was young, third with my unique design, that means it can't buy it from any store. That's also the reason I LIKE handmade.

Why the design is unique? Is it difficult for you to make your design?  The answer is: You can have your own creative design after you learn the basic knots.  The design is about the combination of different basic knots, so everyone can have their very own design.

Chinese Knots -It's originated from China and there is a long history in using knots for decoration on clothing or decorative items hanging down from the ceiling or on a wall.

It's also a symbol of Traditional Chinese Culture.  You can using the knotting decoration to make jewelry-necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to make keychains or any creative ideas that you can think of.  Chinese knotting can be as simple as 10 years old kid can make it or as complicated as you have to take few hours to finish the knotting.

My design is: instead of making keychains or bracelets, I make a bookmark with the Chinese Knotting because my friends love reading, hoping it can be useful for them.  Now, let's have a look.


That's really cool! Right?

March 03, 2021

What can we do with the Socks? ........ Snake it is!

There are so many socks left, some even not really wear once.  Kids are growing up, they said 'The socks are too childish, I am not going to wear it.' 

What should we do with all these socks?????

The idea coming out.........Sock Snake!!!!

Kids Love Sock Snake

June 05, 2020

Mini Sequin Swatch Cushion

All of sudden,  sequin swatch becomes so popular, you can find it on clothes, accessories like notebooks, backpack, pencil bags..... it's quite expensive as well.

I came across a piece of sequin swatch fabric while I was doing shopping. As it packed as craft material, it is relatively cheap. 

First idea I came up with is making a mini cushion, my kids can keep it in their bedside, or even take it with them when we are having road trip.

It didn't take long to finish it and it is super easy to make it too. 'Hand-Sew', that is what I did.

I still have few pieces left, as I mentioned early it is relatively cheap, I gave them to my kids and let them have their creativity to make something out. 

Can't wait to see what they make it out!

Mini Sequin Swatch Cushion

May 21, 2020

Table Centrepiece - Origami Storage Box

Some ideas about storing crafty materials or....

Simply arranging your stuff better or.....

Use them as table centrepiece or.....

Super simple that kids can make it and keep their treasure or or or ....

Anything you can think about to use it....

DIY Origami Storage Box

Let's see how to make it!