Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome Everyone!

My husband! My two lovely daughters! My new life in Canada!.... All these give me a strong energy and desire to have my blog, to share my life, my hobbies, my interest, my craft ideas. As well as keeping all my precious memories in one place and tell my daughters when they grow up.

I think its really important for kids to know and share their childish from mom and dad. Like my six-year-old daughter always asks me what was my happiest time with her when she was small? Or saddiest time? Or any interesting things happened? Or any naughty things happened that made me angry? or how we celebrate her first birthday? Or the first day went to kindergarten? Lots, lots, lots questions, and these are never ending questions! Sometimes its hard to remember, not really forget, only can't remember all in detail as she keeps asking me. I think its time to turn my memories into words and keep them here.

My craft! I love crafting! Crafting is a wonderful escape or say positively 'balance' from the boring day-to-day life.  I do a lot of crafting by my own or with my daughters. I really want to organize the ideas in a better way and share to everyone, not limit to crafters.  Hope everyone can enjoy the happiness in crafting.

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