November 08, 2015

DIY Projects - How to make Duct Tape Bookmarks and Duct Tape Zip Lock Bag


I can't believe that I can think about a craft that only take few minutes to finish. Quick, easy and even my 4 years old sweetie can all do it by herself.

I don't know how the idea came out, I just look around and immediately said: we make a bookmark that we can use it while we are reading. Grap the woodstick (recycle from Ice Lollies) , feathers (pick the color you like), and duct tape.


How to make Duct Tape Bookmarks with feathers and popsicle

Story behind these bookmarks:
That afternoon, it took much longer time to put my baby in bed for a nap and I had a feeling that he probably woke up soon. I haven't finish the kitchen work and I have to prepare the supper too. When I came out from the bedroom, my two lovely sweeties looked at me at the same time showing that they were quite bored, nothing to do. Truly they asked me can I do something with them, I really want to but there were tons of kitchen work waiting for me. So my answer is: You too can read the books that borrowed from the library, ok? But their answer is: Mom............

OK! OK! .......Make and Done! Then I hurried to do the kitchen work and they were excited to keep making more for their friends.

How to make Duct Tape Ziplock Bag

Few days later, Rainbow asked me to have a large size ziplock bag. Then she rushed back to her room, after a while, she came out with the duct tape ziplock bag she made and told me she was going to put her handmade birthday presents for daddy.


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