April 03, 2020

Yummy Yummy Kitchen - Air Fryer Recipe

In this post, I just make everything simple.

What does that mean?

It means.... I only point out the baking temperature, timing and necessary steps.

If you wants more information about using AirFry, please read my first post HERE.

First Post: Yummy Yummy Chicken - Air Fryer Chicken Thigh
Air Fry Recipe Chicken

Air Fry Recipe 1:
Chicken Drumstick (Fresh)
10pcs, 350F, 20mins
Air Fry Recipe Chicken

Air Fry Recipe 2:
Chicken (Fresh)
half, 380F, 20mins
Air Fry Recipe Chicken

Air Fry Recipe 3:
Chicken Stripe (Frozen and cooked)
400F, 6 mins, flip over at 3mins
Air Fry Recipe Chicken Stripe

Air Fry Recipe 4:
Mini Pizza Bites (Frozen and cooked)
400F, 7 mins
Air Fry Recipe Pizza Bites

Air Fry Recipe 5:
5' Frozen Pizza
400F, 7mins
Air Fry Recipe Mini Pizza

Air Fry Recipe 6:
Salmon (Fresh)
350F, 10mins
Remark: seasoning with salt & white pepper, add lemon & herbs on top
Air Fry Recipe Salmon

How to cook Salmon

Air Fry Recipe 7:
Chinese Daikon Cake (already cooked)
400F, 15 mins

Air Fry Recipe 8:
Chicken (Fresh)
cut into small pieces, seasoning with mushroom and onion

Air Fry Recipe 9:
French Fries (Frozen)
400F, 8mins (if you like crispy, add 2 mins)

Air Fry Recipe 10:
BBQ Duck (Half)
Instead of using the conventional oven, we can use Air Fryer.
1) 300F, 40 mins
2) Wrap the duck wing with aluminium foil
3) 380F, 5 mins

Conventional Oven Recipe here: BBQ Crispy Duck / Oven Roasted Crispy Duck

This is the Air Fryer I use: OMORC 7.6QT Air Fryer

How to use Air Fryer for Chicken

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