November 19, 2014

DIY Projects - How to take care of Tutu Skirt / Dress

Once you start making your first tutu, you learn the basic skills, and most likely you will making the second, third, fourth...... tutu, also you may start adding different elements in it.

At the same time, many questions start coming to keep the wrinkle out? how to wash it? how to store it?

I would like to take this chance to share my way to handle or care with the tutu that I made for my little princess.

  • Better hang the tutu away from other items to avoid wrinkles. What????

  • It's true, that means it need space to stand alone, I know I know it is quite difficult to let the   tutu stand alone when your closet is full. That's why I place it with other dresses and do some fluffing every time before my daughter wear.

  •  Do fluff out the tutu after each wear (I only do if I have time, at least not immediately) with a very effective tool, that is your fingers! Simply combing the tutu from inside out.

  • If you have wrinkles on tutu, just place in the bathroom especially when someone is taking a hot shower, let the wrinkles steam out. Never Never Never use hot iron! Ironing only ruin the tutu!

  • If your tutu is attached to the bodysuit, always hang it upside down and steam it with hot shower, upside down too, this way can make the tutu pouf out.

  • No machine wash or dry, hand wash only. Most spills will wash out with gentle hand rubbing.

Hope all these tips can help!

Also, here is the way I make my Tutu Skirt /Dress

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