August 21, 2012

Materials Need to Make the Hair Bow

  • Lighter: Heat seal ends of the ribbon so that they don't fray.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Alligator Clip: I prefer this clip as it is easier for my little girl to put on without asking my help.
  • French Barrette
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread (any color): Assist in making the crease.
  • Different Style of Ribbons
    • Grosgrain Ribbon: A heavy, ribbed ribbon, made of polyester or silk. Available in different colors and width.
    •  Satin Ribbon: A sleek, medium-weight ribbon that made of polyester or silk. Available in different colors and width.
    • Stitched Ribbon: A ribbon that has a running stitch sewn along both edges.

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