November 05, 2019

Endless Creativity Perler Beads

What is the perfect name of this DIY craft?????

Said whatever other people said "Perler Beads", "Hana Beads", "Melty Beads"  .........

I just like to name it as Endless Creativity in Pixel Craft.  It really looks like Pixel, just imagine everything related to pixel, we can turn it on perler beads patterns.  Of course, we can turn the cross-stitch patterns to perler beads patterns too.

DIY Kids Craft

So with this Pixel Craft, we are never run out of ideas on patterns.  By using your imagination, create any patterns and color matching you like, or think about your favourite character or cartoons or movies character, or search the internet, also we can add more elements on it to make necklaces, keychains, fridge magnets, earrings, coasters.....

October 25, 2016

DIY - Halloween Scary Crafts and Decorations

This year (2016), I spend quite a lot of time in decorating our house because I need to think about: What kind of decorations the kids can make???? Of course, it takes more time to finish the decorations even just simple cut and glue, I believe it is very important that kids to be involved in it.

Here comes .... I call it: Garbage Bag Spider Web
REALLY??? Garbage Bag???

Yes, Yes, Yes. Very cost-effective! Just take one of the garbage bag (unused), fold and cut. Then you will get two pieces of spider web. So I put one piece of spider web in the dinning room window.
Made by Mom.

And cut the second piece of spider web into half, put it on the sitting room windows with origami bat.

DIY Halloween Crafts Spider Web

Take a closer look at the BAT.
Made by Mom.
DIY Halloween Crafts Origami Bat


Life Memories - Valentine's Day and Easter Holiday


SO much FUN!

In Valentine's Day, I got heart-warmth presents from my lovely kids. Thanks for their love to me and of course I love their surprise too.

Sooooooo.........what I am planning to do in Easter????? I think they may not like egg-hunting again this year (because we do it every year), but Rainbow came to ask me to do something special about the egg-hunting, that means she doesn't want NORMAL egg-hunting.

As my passion in handmade, I start thinking, thinking, thinking......

Oh, Aurora wants to do the egg-hunting indoor!!!!!

Not quite easy...but finally, I came to the idea.

First, they have 96 eggs to find, all are hide inside the house (except bathroom and kitchen). They must find ALL the eggs, then open it at once, there are some letters in it for them to solve the riddle to get the Easter presents.

How to do the Easter Hunt?

Second, they have to rearrange the letters and solve the riddle. Rearrange the letters take more time than I think, with Daddy's tips, they finally get the riddle: Egg's Mom???

April 01, 2016

DIY - Origami Rose

Look like complicated but actually not! Even Aurora (she is five) can do it all herself.

steps by steps making origami rose tutorial

At the very first beginning, I plan to make a whole bunch of different kinds of handmade flowers as the valentine's gift to my kids.

It turns out they love this rose very very very much, they keep making a lot and give them to their teachers. I don't ask how many they need to make but they take the rose to school everyday, so I guess nearly all teachers has one, including the school bus driver.

Truly, I am happy that they love to make the ROSE and make it as gifta too! Especially Rainbow, she keeps making it everyday after school and said she is really really really busy, this one is for...this one is for.....and this one is for........

Here comes the steps:

1st layer: 3 pieces
2nd layer: 5 pieces
3rd layer: 7 pieces, so altogether need 15 pieces for each ROSE

March 31, 2016

DIY - How to make Paracord Bracelet 06

Here comes the two-colored paracord bracelet that I forget to post the steps-by-steps instruction!

Very simple and easy one!

For the basic Paracord Bracelet knotting, please refer to my post DIY - How to make a Paracord Bracelet / Ankle Bracelet.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

DIY - How to make Paracord Bracelet 05 / Ankle Bracelet

Summer is coming.................

I decide to make some more bracelets, especially for Rainbow, I make the ankle bracelet for her. Without letting them know the style I plan to make, I just ask them to choose the colors they like.

And these are............SURPRISE!!!

I called this bracelet as Love with Heart bracelet for Aurora! Mom's heart always with your heart! Soooooo lovely !

Valentine's Love and Heart Bracelet

how to make valentine's bracelet

steps by steps on making valentine's paracord bracelet

February 06, 2016


Besides DIY Valentine's crafting, I also make valentine's card SECRETLY.

Of course, secretly, I am going to make something that my kids and even my husband doesn't know about it and want them to have surprise. But Surprise is not easy, especially they already know that I am a crafter and always DIY.

So.... I am doing it until they are ALL go to bed..........

Totally worth it! This pop-up KISS card also surprise me too!

(Thanks in advance for all your understanding that I try my best to take photos and do the explanations in how to do the folding.)

DIY valentine's kiss pop-up card

step by step in making valentine's origami kiss

DIY origami valentine's pop-up card

step by step in making valentine's origami kiss


DIY Valentine's Origami Flowers

Valentine's Day is fill with LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.....

How about Rainbow? She is already ten and I am going to show her more difficult crafts, actually that means involve more skills and more challenge in it.

Like what? (She has tons of different styles and patterns origami paper) I decide to show her origami skills in making flowers, cards.....

1) Origami Flower, by using ONE paper only.
I think the most difficult part is in photo 3 step 2. It has to twist the centre carefully to make it look like flower centre and put a dot of glue at the inside bottom to firm the position.

how to make valentine's origami flower

how to make origami flower with one paper only

step by step in making valentine's origami flowers with one paper only

2) Origami Lily
By using two pieces of triangle-shaped paper (cut from square-shaped paper), we both think that is not different and Rainbow suggests to use two different colors to make it.

step by step in making valentine's origami lily
Origami Lily

step by step in making valentine's origami lily

how to make valentine's origami lily
Step by Step making origami lily

how to make valentine's origami lily

Life Memories - Coolest Gift 2015 from Rainbow

The coolest gift this year 2015!

Thanks for Rainbow's design and artwork.

(Only for my life memories: This year, Rainbow is ten, her idea, her design and her artwork really appreciated me, she only grabs the materials we have to make it)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

February 04, 2016

Life Memories - X'mas 2015

Really appreciated that this year's Xmas, Steve has assigned a really good working schedule that he has consecutively days off with Xmas holidays. We had a extremely busy and fun during the holidays. Beside visiting and gathering with families and friends, did Xmas shopping, Science Centre and Museum visiting, crafting Xmas-related stuff and decoration and gifts........we also did cookies making and playing snow outside.

Cookies making: Guess who has the most fun? I said this year I won't make any Xmas cookies, if anyone want to make it, make it with daddy. So finally I made the dough, and they did all the remaining parts......turned out cookies making over 2 hours and over baked (hard to chew)! But they were really having fun!

Snowman making: Well this year not much snow, they wait wait wait and wait.....OK OK more waiting, even not enough snow, we still try to make one. Roll Roll Roll.....keep ROLLING, snow become ball shape, bigger and bigger, snowman body done, and Mom roll the head, done too.
Kids make eyes, nose, hands, and put scarf and mittens, now snowman feel so warm.

I (personally) decided to re-organize my craft table. Look at all those crafting materials and tools, it is a BIG, HUGE project!