May 19, 2020

Fantastic!!! Genius!!! ~ Stuffed Animals Hammock Tulle

Stuff Animals never never enough for the kids, and as a three kids mom, I still buy the stuffed animals for them even I always tell myself  'don't buy it, they already have a lot'.

Looking at their treasury stuffed animals, I just don't want to throw it away, simply because too many, don't have space, or we can't keep all.....One day when they grow up, I believe they will make their decision to keep or throw away, but not today.

Today, they only want to keep ALL.

Today, SPACE is not a problem or concern for them.

As a mom, I really need to using my creativity to think, think, think ....

I came up with this idea - easy, simply and very cost-effective.

I call it "Stuffed Animals Hammock Tulle".
Genius way to keep all stuffed animals

What I need is 2 things, 3M hooks and long piece of Tulle.

Look at these two photos illustration, it shows that how simply it is to make.

Genius way to keep all the stuffed animals

genius way to keep all stuffed animals

This is how it looks like.  However, the area I tied the knot at the Tulle (that is near the 3M hook), seems not looking good (now is acceptable), there should be something I can do to make it look better.

Genius way to keep all stuffed animals

Stuffed Animals Storage Hammock Tulle

Right! Look Good Now!  It happened I have a pair of ribbon bows that I kept it from the Christmas Basket Gift.

Any kind of ribbon will work, I suggest to use 3' wide.

One "Stuffed Animals Hammock Tulle" done.  Two more to go.  Not today, Tomorrow!!!

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