December 03, 2015

DIY - How to make Christmas Candy Post

Thanks for my hubby take care of little baby Matthew whole day that I can spend all day with my two daughters, Rainbow and Aurora!!

What a lovely and fantastic day!!!

Besides playing with them and do what they want, of course, I have already had some craft idea, planning to do with them.

It is kind of big project as today is our time! See what we make!

Ho Ho Ho ....really Awesome!

How to make Christmas Candy Post with cardboard

Easy to make and inexpensive too!

1) Find some unused cardboard or boxes to cut out the shape you want.
2) Do some Christmas related drawings with acrylic paint.
3) After dry, I put the 4ft planting bamboo(I use the bamboo in summer peas gardening) at the back.
4) Wrap it with transparent wrapping paper and tie it with mesh ribbon.

*Snowman and Reindeer are drawn by Rainbow. *Gingerbread boy is drawn by Aurora.

Now we just need to wait daddy to put the Christmas lights around them and place them outside!
(upload photos later, see how it looks like in outside)

Ho Ho Ho.......Can't wait to see!!!

Remarks: We do think that it only lasts for this Christmas as the cardboard may not be strong enough for the snow winter here. What I tell my kids is 'If it looks good outside, we can make some more more more in next Christmas.'

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