September 03, 2012

How to Make a Surround Bow 01

First Method:

1) Take a piece of ribbon and fold it in half to make a crease.

2) To make the first loop, just hold the end of the ribbon and loop it down to the center, remember to reach the crease so that the loops can be made evenly.

3) Do the same thing for the second loop, not like the classic boutique bow, you don't need to overlap and cross the first loop, just placing beside the first loop.

4) If both loops reach the crease, it should be even. But it is better to check its evenness again before secure with hot glue.

5) Take another piece of ribbon and make the third and forth loops in the same way.

6) Use the hot glue to secure the top (first and second loop) and bottom (third and forth loop), the surround bow is DONE!

Design Idea:
1) To make TWO colors surround bow, simply using two different color ribbons to make the top and bottom one, secure them with hot glue.

2) To make FOUR colors surround bow, same as above, but I suggest to secure the the ribbons first before looping them.

The surround bow made by the first method is much flatter than the second method. Which method is better? NO ANSWER. It totally depends on what you want your boutique bow look like.

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