March 06, 2020

Tutorial: Origami Magic Circle

Amazing and Challenging!

Origanmi Magic Circle
Click here to go to my youtube channel and look for 'Origami Magic Circle' video.

How Amazing! Once when you finished it, you will see how eight different colours keep rotating again and again.

How Challenging! You must have patient to finish folding all these units before assembly together. Also, it required some technique to assembly all units without tearing the paper.

In my video, it shows:
1) the folding method used to make the unit.
2) how to assembly the units together, eight units to become one layer.
3) the final assembly method.

As I mention 'eight units to become one layer', it means you can pick any eight different colours to form a layer, then you have to assembly at least 20 layers to create this fantastic Origami Magic Star.

Remarks: In my video, I make 24 layers by using 15cm and 4cm origami paper.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have fun in origami!

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