February 04, 2016

Life Memories - X'mas 2015

Really appreciated that this year's Xmas, Steve has assigned a really good working schedule that he has consecutively days off with Xmas holidays. We had a extremely busy and fun during the holidays. Beside visiting and gathering with families and friends, did Xmas shopping, Science Centre and Museum visiting, crafting Xmas-related stuff and decoration and gifts........we also did cookies making and playing snow outside.

Cookies making: Guess who has the most fun? I said this year I won't make any Xmas cookies, if anyone want to make it, make it with daddy. So finally I made the dough, and they did all the remaining parts......turned out cookies making over 2 hours and over baked (hard to chew)! But they were really having fun!

Snowman making: Well this year not much snow, they wait wait wait and wait.....OK OK OK.....no more waiting, even not enough snow, we still try to make one. Roll Roll Roll.....keep ROLLING, snow become ball shape, bigger and bigger, snowman body done, and Mom roll the head, done too.
Kids make eyes, nose, hands, and put scarf and mittens, now snowman feel so warm.

I (personally) decided to re-organize my craft table. Look at all those crafting materials and tools, it is a BIG, HUGE project!

Remark: Duct Tape and Washi Paper are useful tape to decorate the cardboard or yogurt cups or anythings. In this re-organizing project, I use quite a lot of cardboard and recycle unused materials to make storage. Love it! Would like to share some of the ideas!

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