February 06, 2016

DIY Valentine's Origami Flowers

Valentine's Day is fill with LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.....

How about Rainbow? She is already ten and I am going to show her more difficult crafts, actually that means involve more skills and more challenge in it.

Like what? (She has tons of different styles and patterns origami paper) I decide to show her origami skills in making flowers, cards.....

1) Origami Flower, by using ONE paper only.
I think the most difficult part is in photo 3 step 2. It has to twist the centre carefully to make it look like flower centre and put a dot of glue at the inside bottom to firm the position.

how to make valentine's origami flower

how to make origami flower with one paper only

step by step in making valentine's origami flowers with one paper only

2) Origami Lily
By using two pieces of triangle-shaped paper (cut from square-shaped paper), we both think that is not different and Rainbow suggests to use two different colors to make it.

step by step in making valentine's origami lily
Origami Lily

step by step in making valentine's origami lily

how to make valentine's origami lily
Step by Step making origami lily

how to make valentine's origami lily

3) Origami Rose
step by step origami rose tutorial

Detailed Steps in DIY-Origami Rose

4) Origami Kiss, turn out to be the pop-up KISS card
At first, I plan to teach Rainbow how to make the KISS, but finally I am going to make it myself and secretly, hoping show my love to them with surprise! This KISS involve quite a lot of folding steps, so I put all the steps in my other post here.

DIY Valentine's origami KISSSSSSSSSSSSSS

step by step making Valentine's origami kiss
Origami KISS

5) Pipe Cleaners Flowers
After making few different types of origami flowers, feeling little bit bored, want to do something else, we grab some pipe cleaners and make these below.
Try to adjust each petal's position so that you can have different style of flowers (I have three!)

step by step making pipe cleaner flowers
How to make pipe cleaner flowers

Steps to steps making pipe clearner flowers
Pipe Cleaners Flowers

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