November 20, 2015

DIY - How to make an Advent Calendar for kids

Christmas is coming to town.........................

Right! Right! Right! After finished trick or treat, my kids is expecting xmas now. Every year, I am doing different kinds of crafts with them to decorate our house, our tree, our yard and our room....actually everywhere! This year is little bit different, my two sweeties set up the xmas tree without my help, my hubby set up the lights outside before I ask him to do.

WOW! So I am planning to make something special for them.

What's in my mind???

I am going to make them (1) a very special Christmas stockings (still in progress now), (2) simple but very meaningful advent calendar and (3) a very very special gift for my hubby (have idea but not start making yet).

This advent calendar is simple to make, what we need is unused Christmas shopping catalogue (or any kind of catalogue) and duct tape or washi tape or printed pattern masking tape, if you don't have these kind of tapes, you can use origami papers instead.

How to make advent calender with duct tape and washi tape
Handmade Advent Calendar for Kids

1) Take out any two pages from the catalogue.
2) Lay them down vertically and stick together, it become a long piece of paper now.
3) Draw two vertical lines for placing the washi tape use, means the width of advent calendar you want.
4) Start sticking the washi tape, duct tape or printed pattern masking tape on it, totally 24 pieces.
5) Use marker to write down 1-24 (means Dec 1 - Dec 24) in descending order. 24 is at the top, 1 is at the bottom.
6) Nearly Finish...... trim it along the vertical lines you mark it in step (3). Remark: I leave some space at the top.

How to make advent calendar with duct tape and washi paper
Handmade Advent Calendar for Kids
7) After you trim it, if you want to make something special at the top (the reason I leave some space at the top), you can make it and stick on it.
The right one is blank that I am going to write down the name of my daughter, Aurora.
The left one is Christmas tree pattern, Rainbow made it (she just use what have on the table, that is duct tape and washi tape).
8) DONE!

How to make advent calender with duct tape and washi tape
Homemade Advent Calendar for Kids
How am I going to use these Advent Calendars????

Few days before I make it, Rainbow asked me this year is there any toys in the advent calendar. I didn't give her the answer right away because I still thinking at that moment. Finally, my hubby and I both think that they will get many presents during Christmas (this is our past experience), we don't want them to have so many, especially add another 24 mini toys on it. But we both agree we should do the Christmas countdown with our kids.

I think about doing some activities instead but I afraid I may disappoint them if for some reasons I can't do it with them. So what is my thoughts?????

This advent calendar is for countdown only. (you can add other uses on it)

Starting from 1 December, my kids will cut out the strip that has '1' on it, they are supposed to cut one strip each day, once they cut out all the strips that means it is 24 December, and next day morning is time for them to unwrap the presents (25 Decemeber is for kids to unwrap all the presents, 26 December is shopping day).

Even this is only for countdown purpose, I am going to do Christmas activities with them.

Remark: Both already keep these advent calendars in their bed (Rainbow put it under her pillow) and Aurora (4 year-old) keep asking me, 'Mom, when is 1 December?'  Hope they enjoy the countdown this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!!

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