October 25, 2016

Life Memories - Valentine's Day and Easter Holiday


SO much FUN!

In Valentine's Day, I got heart-warmth presents from my lovely kids. Thanks for their love to me and of course I love their surprise too.

Sooooooo.........what I am planning to do in Easter????? I think they may not like egg-hunting again this year (because we do it every year), but Rainbow came to ask me to do something special about the egg-hunting, that means she doesn't want NORMAL egg-hunting.

As my passion in handmade, I start thinking, thinking, thinking......

Oh, Aurora wants to do the egg-hunting indoor!!!!!

Not quite easy...but finally, I came to the idea.

First, they have 96 eggs to find, all are hide inside the house (except bathroom and kitchen). They must find ALL the eggs, then open it at once, there are some letters in it for them to solve the riddle to get the Easter presents.

How to do the Easter Hunt?

Second, they have to rearrange the letters and solve the riddle. Rearrange the letters take more time than I think, with Daddy's tips, they finally get the riddle: Egg's Mom???

Not that difficult to solve the riddle!! Go and find the Easter Big Present!!!

As I mention before, they want something special this year. So I make this GIANT chicken to keep the Big present inside! Simple and Easy to make, no special skills, no template, just need to be BIG!

When they find this chicken, all are laughing loudly and they don't even notice there is present inside, until they hold the chicken up higher, the present fall down.

What we do with this chicken after Easter? I like it so much that I let it sit on the top corner of my craft table.

Thanks for the kids that they also make the easter egg for mom and dad.

How to make the Giant Chicken?
Easter Hunt Presesnt

How to craft the easter egg with different types of materials?

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