October 25, 2016

DIY - Halloween Scary Crafts and Decorations

This year (2016), I spend quite a lot of time in decorating our house because I need to think about: What kind of decorations the kids can make???? Of course, it takes more time to finish the decorations even just simple cut and glue, I believe it is very important that kids to be involved in it.

Here comes .... I call it: Garbage Bag Spider Web
REALLY??? Garbage Bag???

Yes, Yes, Yes. Very cost-effective! Just take one of the garbage bag (unused), fold and cut. Then you will get two pieces of spider web. So I put one piece of spider web in the dinning room window.
Made by Mom.

And cut the second piece of spider web into half, put it on the sitting room windows with origami bat.

DIY Halloween Crafts Spider Web

Take a closer look at the BAT.
Made by Mom.
DIY Halloween Crafts Origami Bat

What is it???  Call it: Paper Roll Ghost
Simply wrap it with bathroom tissue, glue the wiggly eye and yarn. Finish in ten minutes.
Made by Matthew (3 yrs-old)
DIY Halloween Craft Paper Roll Ghost

How about these??? Funny Spider?!
By using pipe cleaners, bottle caps and wiggly eyes. My kids also put the beads through the pipe cleaners.
Made by Matthew (3 yrs-old) and Aurora (5 yrs-old)
WOW.......Scary or not? Sure to come to trick-or-treat?

Halloween-Theme Decorating the door need not to be perfect. This is what I told my kids because what we need is scary ghosts, monsters or horror face! 
Made by Matthew, Aurora and Mom

My girls called them: Frightening Monsters
Up cycle the jar, put the decorations on top and light up with candles. 
(The girls joined the library craft program to make all these monsters)
Made by Rainbow (11 yrs-old) and Aurora (5 yrs-old)

These are snack cups that are using in school Halloween party. Such a cutie monster that may inspire you to make your own one!

BOOOOOO!!!! Have Fun in Halloween!
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