December 13, 2015

DIY - How to make Xmas Hair Clips

Christmas Party.... Christmas Concert......

Dress Up like which princess......??? Totally up to Aurora's thoughts, but Rainbow is becoming teen so she said she just wears dress.

Aurora like pink and purple, she chooses to wear Princess Rapunzel Dress at the Christmas Party Day, and wear Sparkle Headband or Xmas Style Hair Clips to school everyday.

As she said that, I make some hairclips for her immediately. These are what I made!

How to make Christmas Style Hairclips with French Barrettes
Santa Claus Snowman Reindeer Hairclips

how to make Shabby Headband
Green and White Headband
Ho Ho Ho............Aurora has her own style, I said I can make a big hairbow for her, just like the one I made below, but she said she likes small hairclips and headbands only.

How to make Christmas Style Hairbow

Ok Ok Ok...remember, just make what she likes, not I like!!

How to make Christmas Style Hairclips on french barrettes

How about Rainbow??
She said she doesn't need any new hairbow, only wear the one that I made for her before.

How to make Braided Ribbon Barrette with two colors ribbon
Braided Ribbon Barrettes

How to make Frozen Style Braided Ribbon Barrettes
Braided Ribbon Barrettes

Thanks for visiting my blog! Merry Christmas!!!

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