December 09, 2015

DIY - How to make stuffed animals

First of all, I am not an expert in sewing. I only know the basic techniques, this is what I always mention in my blog.

My daughter, Rainbow, always said she wants a dolphin stuffed animal.

Every time she sees one, she asks me to buy for her.

Every time my answer is  NO.

Neither because it is expensive nor I plan to make one for her.  She already has a lot a lot a lot...... stuffed animals.  Last year before Christmas, I donated a big bag of stuffed animals to the church, some still have the tag on it.

Even I keep saying NO, she keeps asking me again again and again.

I think she really loves dolphin, so I start planning to make one for her. Don't need to be fancy, I just want something special.

I start searching internet everything about making stuffed animals, finally I make a decision....
1) To hand-sew (instead of machine-sew), because the dolphin is not in a big size, just my two palms size.
2) To make a very basic one, don't need to include name or birth information on it. (IF for some reason she throws it away, I don't want other people know her information!)
3) How special is I use her very first dress (that mom and dad bought for her, wow... cant believe I kept it ten years) to make the dolphin.

What and How I do is very simple, search internet to find the dolphin sewing pattern I like, then print it out in A4 size.  Cut it out with the dress and hand-sew it. The dolphin eyes are pink buttons that also come from the dress. I know it is not look like an eye but I still prefer using all materials from her dress.

How to make stuffed animals with old clothes
Handmade Dolphin Stuffed Animal with Dress 
Rainbow loves it so much, even my hand-sew is not so smooth.  I can't believe she recognizes the fabric is her dress.  She holds it tight and sleep with it every night!

Why there is a pillow here???

This is the first stuffed animal I made and I don't have any cotton! I checked it on the craft store but it is quite expensive (around CND$10-15), most important is I am not going to make more for sale (again I am not an expert in sewing), it is not good to keep the expensive leftover cotton.

Then I change my mind in buying the cotton somewhere else.  Even I go to elsewhere in their crafting session, the price still expensive.  So I bought a very very standard and basic pillow and use the cotton inside.

Finally, it worked and it only cost me CND$3 (from Wal-Mart).  Now I still have lot of cotton left, my daughters and I can use it to make anything we want.

How to make stuffed animals from old clothes
Stuffed Animals from Pillow

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