August 19, 2014

Life Memories -- Being crazy during this year!

Wow....when was my last post? It should be last year April? May?

It is really a long long long........time since last post.

What happen to me? I can tell last year May, my family and I was really excited as we bought our own house. Being busy in dealing with the bank mortgage as well as moving stuff, I found out that I have third baby too. We are all happy about the coming baby. And most excited thing is my husband's whole family came to here to visit us for the whole summer holiday. So you see, right, all the happiest things happened at the same time.

For me, the worst thing is five days later after we were going to move to our new house, his family was coming too. Oh my god, only five days, our house is full of moving stuff and boxes, everything is messy. How can I tidied up all the stuffs?

Finally, I done! I only used four days to make it and the fifth day grocery shopping done too! Everything was ready. His family were really enjoy the place and the house we live, and we spent most time in sightseeing and having fun. But I can tell I was really really exhausted, and my baby is not stable too, he made me worry. I had to do a lot of checking to make sure my baby is well. It was a hard time for me!

Good that my friends and my family from here and Hong Kong, they all support me and chatted with me all the times. Times went on, baby is better and he is born in January 2014. Times keep went on, now he is nearly seven months, everything is well, my other two kids love him very much too. Most important, now I can handle them well and all the housework and have my private time too.

These two months I start my crafty interest again. And I would like to take this chance to thank all of you who spending time in reading my blog, and from now on, I will try my best to share my crafty ideas, thanks!

From three kids' mom, Jessica

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