August 20, 2012

Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise is one of my childish favourite,
but now I seldom spend money on it,
not because I don't like it,
the reason is ..............
my collection on Kinder Surprise is enough,
at least enough for my child memories,
and I am too old that milky chocolate is too sweet for me.

I am not from the rich family,
but I am a child just like other children,
I love to play, to eat chips, chocolate and drink coke......

Kinder Surprise: from

The first time I had kinder egg,
it was really amazing for me,
I got a toy and of course I had chocolate too.

From that on,
I kept all the kinder toys and played them often.

Until now,
I can't say that I have many
but it is enough to have joyful time with all of them.

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