August 19, 2012

Cheery Chums Treasury 01

I love, I love, I love Cheery Chums!
I don't know why, I just love her.

I love her so much when I met her at my first sight.
This is my feeling from the bottom of my heart.
Until now, this feeling still unchange.

But I am not crazy in buying all her products.
Every time I bought her products, I will think about
'Is the price worth for this product?'

Probably because I don't have much money when I was small.
I saved my pocket money day by day.
Went to the shop, looked around her products.
(The shop owner probably recognized me: this little girl only keep looking without buying)

Calculated the amount I need to save.
Waited, waited, waited until I had enough money,
Bought them.

I don't unwrap it.
I keep them in a box.
I like to take them out to enjoy watching one by one.
Finished enjoying, put them back in the box.
Just like my secret treasure.
Dig and Bury, Dig and Bury, Dig and Bury....................

Every time I take them out of the box,
Cheery Chums reminds me of my childhood with her.
She makes me really happy.

After moving to Canada,
it's really hard to buy her products.
However, heartful thanks to my big sister,
who always buys her products and mails them to me.

In 2011, I said to myself
'Don't be lazy! I need to take photos on all my collections!'
2011 is nearly over, I need to hurry up.
At least, I have to start taking photos.....

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